16 little known reasons why single men go for married women

Different men have always been known to have different tastes when it comes to women.

Some are strictly visual and marvel at the beauty of a perfectly sculptured lady while others choose to concentrate on women who drip melanin or are yellow yellow to boot.

However, there’s another group of chaps who just want a married woman. Period! Nothing more, nothing less.

This type of men never set their eyes upon any gorgeous lady who walks past them.

They just want a woman who’s already tied down to another man.

Maybe they just feel like their fellow single ladies are full of drama and an urge to constantly ask for money.

1. They have motherly love.

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R.I.P Hamed Jeda Jenique

The entire members of Nairablink Entertainment here by announce the demise of a strong member of our crew Hamed Jeda popularly known as Jenique in film industry. He was an editor, producer, artiste and also a director of photograph DOP.


e had a terrible accident on his way back home from the wedding of his friend Sikiru who put his life on danger by taking public transport from his wedding back home.

We at Nairablink sympathize with his family for loosing such a young boy full of talents and natural endowment. May his soul rest in peace.