Comedy is regarded as one of the best sources of amusement, laughter and joy in the world. Foreign stand-up comedians like Kevin Hart, Jamie Fox, Chris Rock, the late Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, and George Carlin, amongst others, are extremely famous across the world and can be said to be among some of the richest entertainers also. Stand-up comedy has become a source of livelihood for several Nigerians. Even those who are really not that funny have managed to carve a niche for themselves. 

In every entertainment line presently, the business angles are now put into serious consideration by performers of the act. In Nigeria, endorsements, acting roles and even political roles are offered to stand-up comedians due to their popularity and the fact they are regarded as a channel of happiness to the sad, sorrowed or depressed.


I am an easy going guy, a comedian and as well an actor. I love to put smiling on people’s  face when they look bored, sound week, stressed up, feel bad, sad mood e.t.c Dont forget to staple your mouth when coming to my programs so as that will not allow you to open your mouth to laf, love, abi luf, no na laif, yes na laugh……. Ah..ha..ah..ah..ah..ha. Laughing… As i de see you smiling…


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