Segun Adisa: Why LabeOrun stopped showing on LTV

Segun Adisa has decided to open up on the issue on ground.
My Dear Esteemed Viewers, Greetings to you all in the name of God almighty.

You must have observed that your darling programme, LabeOrun {Strange-But-True} owned and copyrighted by Courage Media Lab. Ltd, showing live! every Sunday between 10pm-11pm on Lagos Television Nigeria, which is our terrestrial platform was abruptly taken off air in the last three weeks without any prior notice to Courage Media Lab Ltd or my humble self who is currently out of the country on an assignment of our online platform “LabeorunTV”, in spite of my constant link with the station from abroad, still no information was sent till now.

I am therefore compelled to publish this statement as a strong mark of respect to you our esteemed viewers and sponsors for you to be informed and to counter the rumour being spread by an embittered and embattled businessman who had been a major detractor of the programme in recent years; that our company is owing the station, hence the suspension of the programme LabeOrun which has turned a big boost to our subscribers and viewership online .
It is quite normal for business partners to owe each other, however abrupt stoppage of transactions is equally absurd given the fact that a payment was made on 13th of June 2016 and most especially when it involves transmitting to millions of viewers, with this in mind I dug into the matter from here in United States and I was able to gather from reliable sources that ”the programme was stopped by the management of Lagos Television sequel to a report made by the same embattled businessman that he was abused on the programme on 12th of June 2016” meanwhile all my efforts to reach the General Manager of Lagos Television did not yield any tangible result, therefore I decided to leave it as it is till when I return to Nigeria by God’s grace.

Finally, I humbly apologise to you Our Sponsors and Viewers for the sudden break in transmission and also admonish everyone to please embrace our online platform which is a credible and an ultimate platform for the future of the progamme by simply typing LabeorunTv on any of your browser e.g Google Chrome, Firefox or Google Search, pick any of our videos (which are being constantly uploaded with new videos every week, even from my base here in New York). Then click on the Subscribe button and put in either your existing email or open a new one right there for free. This will enable you get video upload alert from Google, allows you to interact with me directly by posting your comments, give you access to our star videos, other Channels to be featured soon and our “Labeorun Blog”( also coming soon) among many other empowerment benefits.

Note: you need to subscribe only once, if you have done it before, please don’t fret.

God’s works unstoppable; His decisions and actions Unquestionable!!!

Many Thanks.
I am yours very sincerely,
Segun Adisa
Ceo: Courage Media Lab Ltd.

Credit: Yoruba movie


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