They hate Buhari…..They can even kill him if they had the chance to.

They hate the war on corruption.
They now love boko haram.
They love Saraki.
They love Atiku.
They love Fayose.
They detest Aregbe.
They love Wike
They hate Amaechi.
They hate Obj
They hate Tinubu
They celebrated Audu’s death
They blame Buhari for Padding
They asked Buhari to sign Summary
They complain about fuel scarcity
They blame Tinubu for scolding Kachikwu
They were expecting…

Kachikwu to insult Jagaban….How disappointed they are?
They called Jonathan a saint
Jonathan and co. are refunding their loots.
They love Diezani.
They celebrate Iweala
FFK is their prophet
Okorocha is their enemy
Ngige is their detractor
They love Tompolo
They hate Nigerian Army
And in all of these, their chorus is “is this the change we voted for?”
That is how mysterious an average wailer is……They’re career sadists and enemy of decency!!!!
One moment they say they are Biafrans, the other moment, they say there are British!!!
One moment they say FFK hate them. Later, they say FFK is their man. They will say Kachikwu is not theirs but call for Kachikwu’s resignation, they will say you hate them. To them, Dasuki is from Aba, Okorocha is from Kano.
Their complaint is that they hate Nigeria and want her dissolved. Ask them for solution they will tell you ‘Concede Power to us, let’s lead Nigeria.’
So Science and Technology is not good, Labour Ministry is bad and there’s nothing in Foreign Affairs. Yet they didn’t complain when Jonathan gave them Labour….yet no wahala.
They will wonder why Yorubas are not supporting Saraki but worry less about why they hate Amaechi so much!
Hatred is a vehicle that can only take its passenger to a destructive destination!
You can’t sow hate and reap love! It is a natural law.
There’s nobody that cannot rule Nigeria, if Jonathan can, if Gowon can, anybody can but no one can do it alone or use a vehicle of hate to get there!
– D-one Ayekooto.

Mc Willy


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