This is serious


So my mum joined facebook last last week and this evening she started complaining to me, she said:

“Nne this Facebook registration dey chop money oh”

“mummy I no understand… how?” asked. She sighed and said: “Since wey

I tell victory your sister to register me for facebook, na so-so money I dey spend”

I was confused, I didn’t understand what my mum was talking about. But after a while I got a clue and then asked:

“Oh ok, mummy na MB dey chop your money?”. She raised eye brows and said: “ah taiwo which one be MB na? I hope say I no go pay for that one oh, because I don pay 8k for chatting permit, 10k for friend request fee, 3k for posting fee, 6k for profile picture permit and this evening again, your sister don talk say facebook say make i bring 5k for International facebook passport. Mark I don tire, na so una dey spend money for this thing?”

Please what should I tell my mum right now?

I need u guys advice o


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